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Fireworks Restrictions

Article Published 07/18/2007

Layton City acknowledges the Governors request for the ban on all fireworks.  In compliance with the Governors order, Layton City officials have implemented a strict ban of all fireworks east of Highway 89. Officials are asking its citizens to restrict the usage of legalized fireworks elsewhere.  Layton City has opened the parks west of U.S. Highway 89, excluding the Kays Creek Trail Park for the use of legal fireworks for those who want to celebrate the July 24th holiday with fireworks. If you go to the park to light your fireworks follow the directions of safe handling of fireworks described below and take your used, soaked fireworks home to be disposed of.  Please do not leave them in the park.


We encourage people to use common sense in the use of legal fireworks. People need to be aware that even though they use legal fireworks, if they use them in an unsafe manner they could be cited. If their fireworks ignite a fire they may be held responsible for any property damage caused and for the cost of extinguishing the fire.


Safe handling of legal fireworks includes having a bucket of water with you. Once the firework has finished and is cooled or no longer smoldering, place the firework in the water to soak overnight.  Dispose of the fireworks in a trash container kept away from your home or other structures.


There will be no tolerance for the use of illegal fireworks. The Fire Department will be increasing patrols during the July 24th fireworks season. With these increased patrols along with the patrols of Layton Police Department we will be out in force throughout the community and will confiscate any illegal fireworks.  Those caught using or having illegal fireworks in their possession may be cited. The use of or possession of illegal fireworks is a Class B Misdemeanor.


If you have illegal fireworks and want to dispose of them, call Layton City Fire Department at 336-3940, or drop them off at any of the Layton City Fire Stations.  Voluntary relinquishment of illegal fireworks will be accepted without any questions asked and no citations issued.