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Do not drive through standing water

Article Published 07/31/2014

Standing water can be a serious hazard to motorists and can occur anywhere – even in desert states, like Utah.
For example, during the late afternoon of July 29 in Layton, a brief, but heavy downpour temporarily flooded the low lying area of 1100 North Main Street, near Shopko, with nearly a  foot or so of water in all four lanes of traffic.
A key concern was some motorists did not slow down enough and their large water splashes blinding drivers in the adjacent lane.
The AAA advises motorists to never drive through standing water, since water depth is difficult to judge until a vehicle is in the water.
AAA’s best and safest advice is to turn the car around and find a safe, alternate route.
AAA also stresses any depth of water can also do serious and costly damage to a vehicle.
If a vehicle drives  through standing water, a driver risks flooding the engine, damaging brake rotors, experiencing a loss of power steering, or even a short in the electrical system of the vehicle.