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Layton City Street Maintenance Project List

Article Published 06/25/2014
Here’s a list of the Layton City Street Maintenance projects for 2014:
-Cherry Lane, 1900 East to 2000 East
-285 West, from Antelope Drive to 1675 North
-1900 North, from Hill Field Road to 285 West
-Fairfield Road, from Antelope Drive to 600 North
-Jodi Drive, from 1475 North to Lindi Way
-Fort Lane, from Antelope Drive to 1800 North
-Pinewood, from Highway 89 to the end (2500 East)
-Fairfield Road, from Gordon Avenue to Antelope Drive
-Fairfield Road, from 300 North to 600 North
-Flint Street, from Gentile Street to Phillips Street
-Church Street, from Main Street to Gordon Avenue
 -Fairfield Road, from SR-193 to 3400 North
-Swan Meadows, phases 1, 2 and 4
-Evans Meadows
-3100 North, from 1700 East to 2000 East
-Redtail Way, from 1700 East to 2000 East
-Beechwood Drive, from 1600 East to 1800 East
-Woodridge Drive, from Gentile Street to the end of the road
-Deere View Drive, from SR-193 to 2125 East
-1050 East/3325 North, from 3250 North to 1100 East
-Country Oaks Drive, from Oak Lane to 2350 East
-1425 North, from 1000 East to 1500 North
-25 South, from 2600 East to 2850 East
-Cheryle Drive, from Sunset Drive to 2300 North
-1250 East (Nayon), from Gordon Avenue to 1275 North
-1100 East (Kimberly), from Gordon Avenue to 1200 North
-1700 East, from SR-193 to the end of the road
-Gordon Avenue, from Fort Lane to 400 West
-East Gate