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Scott Williams (Eliminated) - Mayoral Candidate


Scott is a graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU). His degree is in political science and he has a minor in agricultural economics. After graduating from BYU, Scott married Dhreen Westergard and they have seven children and six granddaughters.

Scott started his career in law enforcement as a police officer with the Mission (Kansas) Police Department (MPD). After working at the MPD for about five years, Scott accepted a position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he worked in various investigative and supervisory positions. Scott’s entire law enforcement career spanned about 25 years.

Early in 2015, Scott and Dhreen moved to Utah, the state which his ancestors helped settle, to put down some roots (during his career, Scott and his family lived in five states) and to be closer to their family. Scott enjoys reading books on public policy and history as well as working on cars. When he is not reading or working on one of his many projects, Scott and Dhreen work on family history and improving their gardening skills. They also enjoy taking walks around Woodward Park and hiking in the canyons east of Layton.