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Q&A: Farm animals and wildlife in Layton

Article Published 09/23/2013

Layton City is predominately subdivisions, but it does have some agricultural areas and special allowances for certain non-household or farm animals in other areas.
Here’s a look at Layton’s ordinances relating to the ownership and care of farm animals and also of wildlife problems within the city limits:

Where are farm animals legal inside Layton City?
Except chickens, all other farm animals are only legal in the A (agricultural), or the R-S (residential suburban) zones.
How many farm animals are legal in those two zones?
Not more than one cow or horse and two sheep or goats and 25 pheasants or chickens or rabbits, or pigeons; and ten geese or ducks, for every 20,000 square feet of lot area.
Animals and fowl not specifically mentioned in the city’s ordinance may be substituted for those listed of similar size. 

What about chickens?
Chickens in residential subdivisions are allowed in the R-1-6, R-1-8, R-1-10, and RS zones (as long as there is a minimum overall lot area of ten thousand square feet). All other fowl associated with being kept outdoors are prohibited in R-1-6, R-1-8, and R-1-10 zones. In R-S and A zones additional chickens are allowed as outlined in section 19.06.080 of the Layton Code.
How many chickens are legal?
Lots in residential subdivisions can have no more than six hens on a property with a minimum overall lot area of ten thousand square feet.
A city permit is required for all chicken coops together with a $30 annual permit fee. The permit application must include a plot plan based on the following guidelines from the city.

What about roosters?
Roosters are not permitted in R-1-6, R-1-8, R-1-10 and R-S zones.
What about clean up for chicken owners? 
All pens, coops, and cages shall be kept clean and free from objectionable odor and waste. Waste and debris must be kept from becoming offensive or a health hazard.
Slaughter is prohibited.

What about exotic animals?
Their ownership is strictly governed by state law.

What if squirrels live in my yard and trees inside a subdivision?
Davis County Animal Services no longer rents out traps. However, they are available from private vendors. Once the animal(s) are captured, contact Animal Services and they will relocate, or euthanize the animals.

Who do I call if I see a deer, moose or other wildlife roaming in my neighborhood?
If the animal appears to pose a threat to citizen safety, contact the Layton Police Department at 801-497-8300. They will notify the Utah Division of Wildlife.

What about dead animals along the roadside?
If the animal is raccoon size or smaller, or a cat or dog, contact Davis County Animal Services for removal at 801-444-2200.
If the animal is not a pet and larger than a raccoon, call the Layton Police (801-497-8300) and they will have the Division of Wildlife remove the animal.

What about rattlesnakes?
Rattlesnakes are protected by Utah law and it is illegal to harass or kill a rattlesnake in Utah. These snakes are an important part of Utah’s ecosystem and they control pests.
Should you find one in your yard, or in the Layton City limits, contact the Division of Wildlife to come remove the reptile.

Note: The above information applies to new uses and to all uses that have not been legally established prior to the date of the ordinances governing the use. As a general rule, an animal use approved prior to the date of a change in the City's ordinance would be grandfathered until the use is changed or abandoned. (That’s why for example, some farm animals might still live in a field bordering a subdivision.)