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Sewer fees to rise $3 a month starting July 1

Article Published 05/01/2014

Sewer fees in Layton City will increase by $3 a month, effective July 1, as part of rising costs charged to cities by the North Davis Sewer District.

Since Layton City bills residents for two months of water, sewer and garbage service, the fee increase that will actually show up on bills will be $6 per billing cycle, from July onward.

North Davis Sewer District has also approved $3 a month fee increase every July 1 for the next four years, until 2017.

This means the total sewer fee will have increased by $12 a month ($24 per billing cycle) by July 1, 2017.

The increases are needed to meet the demands of the growing population and also comply with state and federal regulations.

The increases were approved at the Dec. 12, 2013 North Davis Sewer District’s monthly board meeting.

The District recently updated its Facility Plan to identify the most critical needs of its sewer lines and treatment plant. The Plan identified an estimated $167 million in upgrades, expansion, repairs, and rehabilitation needs of the District’s facilities.

The rate increases will provide funds for addressing these needs. The District’s increased rates are still at the middle of the scale when compared across the state.

The District currently serves a population of approximately 200,000 in seven cities and portions of unincorporated areas of Davis and Weber counties. 

The units that treat the solids contained in sewage were originally constructed in the 1950’s and have not been expanded since the early 1980’s when the population was only 95,000.

The District’s sewer pipes are also aging and some have been in continuous service for more than 70 years.

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