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When was the coldest-ever day in Layton City?

Article Published 12/29/2015

Low temperatures overnight are in the lower teens in Layton City lately. But, what was the coldest ever day in Layton?
On Feb. 9, 1933, Salt Lake City plunged to its all-time record of minus 30 degrees F.
With a historic cold air surge that dropped from the north, even Morgan City’s all-time cold temperature -- minus 36 degrees – was set a day later on Feb. 10, 1933.
Provo City also suffered through its coldest-ever day on that Feb. 10, dipping to a record minus 32 degrees.
This weather event was a “Siberian Express” that set cold temperature records all over the Western U.S., many that still stand today.
Although no exact temperature records were kept in Layton in the early 1930s, its coldest-ever day was thus likely either Feb. 9 or Feb. 10 in 1933. And, anyway you examine it, Layton’s two coldest recorded days ever were likely Feb. 9-10, 1933, at probably about minus 30 degrees.
Fortunately, since the 1930s, low temperatures in most of Northern Utah have, like their high reading summer temperature counterparts, trended upward ever since.
-What’s the lowest temperature ever recorded in Utah? It was 69 below zero, recorded on Feb. 1, 1985, in uninhabited Peter Sink southwest of the top of Logan Canyon at an elevation of 8,500 feet.
For an inhabited area, the lowest temperature ever recorded was 50 below zero on Feb. 6, 1899, at Woodruff and also a minus 50-degree reading was also taken on Jan. 5, 1913, at Strawberry East Portal, a weather station in Daniels Canyon.

SOURCES: Deseret News Archives and National Weather Service.