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School crossing guards provide critical service

Article Published 04/18/2013
Adult school crossing guards play a critical role for children who walk or bicycle to school. 
They help children safely cross the street at key locations; they also remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians. 
While the primary role of a crossing guard is to guide children safely across the street, children also remain responsible for their own safety. A guard plays another key function - a role model helping children develop the skills necessary to cross streets safely at all times.
Once a crossing guard is in the crosswalk with their stop sign held high, drivers cannot legally proceed through the crosswalk until that crossing guard and children have safely reached the curb. If you come upon a crosswalk with two crossing guards, drivers still cannot proceed until both crossing guards and children have safely reached the curb.
If a traffic cone is defaced, damaged, knocked down, struck and removed from the crossing, violators can be subject to pay for that cone, from $6-$10.
For questions and concerns about crossing guards and crosswalks, contact Layton City's Crossing Guard Supervisor Penny Falkner at (801) 336-3527.