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3515 - Dress and Grooming Policy


Layton City has established this policy to broadly define dress and grooming guidelines to promote a consistent, professional image, while promoting confidence and comfort for employees. Individual departments may establish more restrictive guidelines to meet department or job specific needs.


Layton City employees are expected to maintain a professional appearance and a level of personal grooming and cleanliness appropriate for their position.  Employees should avoid attire, hairstyles, jewelry or other personal accessories that interfere with job performance or safety, or attract undue attention or create an extreme appearance.  Police officers assigned to work in under cover operations may be exempted from this policy.


  1. Personal Hygiene
    1. Employees are expected to be neatly groomed and free from body  odor.  Employees should be considerate of co-workers who may be sensitive to strong fragrance.

  2. Hair
    1. Hair on the head should be kept neat and clean.  Hair should be of a natural color.
    2. Facial hair is generally permitted when kept neatly trimmed.

  3. Jewelry, Makeup and Accessories
    1. Male employees should not wear earrings, makeup or nail polish.
    2. Visible facial jewelry (forward of the ears) is not permitted during work hours and must be removed.

  4. Tattoos
    1. Visible tattoos are not permitted.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the department director.

  5. Attire
    1. Attire should be clean and appropriate for the work to be performed.
    2. Examples of unacceptable clothing include, but are not limited to:
      1. Ripped, frayed or torn clothing;
      2. Excessively short, tight or revealing clothing;
      3. Pajama type clothing;
      4. Exposed midriff/tops;
      5. Visible undergarments;
      6. Spaghetti strap tops without a shirt or blouse underneath;
      7. Tank tops or muscle shirts;
      8. Tube shirts;
      9. Shorts (except when permitted by department policy);
      10. Pants that are excessively baggy or hanging below the waist;
      11. Strapless or backless dresses;
      12. Flip flops or house slippers;
      13. Blue denim jeans (except when permitted by the Department Director for working conditions appropriate for jeans).

  6. Failure to meet policy
    1. Employees failing to meet these guidelines may be asked to clock out and leave the workplace.  Continued violation will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  7. Exceptions and Appeals
    1. Exceptions to this policy will be considered for those employees who, due to a religious belief or medical situation, are unable to comply with those sections as long as the employee’s safety is not compromised.    
    2. Appeals to this policy may be made in accordance with policy 3802.

    Enacted, 12/12/2005
    Amended, 5/1/2014, Previous Policy 3515
    Amended, 5/8/2014, Previous Policy 3515
    Amended, 3/25/2015, Previous Policy 3515