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Utah Public Notice Web site launched

Article Published 10/02/2008

Want to keep up with public policy, what's happening in public meetings or are you interested in attending such public events? The state of Utah has made it easy with a new Web site.

In compliance with the Open and Public Meetings Act, UCA 52-4-202, the State of Utah has established the Utah Public Notice Web site. Beginning Oct. 1, 2008, public bodies are required to post notices for public meetings to the Web site.

The site has three main goals:

Search: Easily search and locate public meetings scheduled by Government Organizations throughout the state of Utah.

Subscribe: Have notifications of future meetings, meeting notes sent to you via e-mail or RSS feeds so you always know what's going on.

Participate: Get your voice heard by knowing where and when a meeting will be held with current topics of discussion.

The Web site can be accessed at:

Notices will be posted on government meetings dealing with state, county, city, special districts, and schools, as well as all state entities, agencies and political subdivisions.