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Dogs on Leash Park Study

Article Published 03/31/2015

Layton City will be participating in a study to determine the effects of allowing citizens to bring their leashed dogs into two neighborhood parks.  The two parks that will be opened to leashed dogs will be; Sand Ridge Park, located at 2555 North Church Street, and Chelsie Park, located at 1401 North 2575 West.  This study will be conducted for one year starting April 1, 2015.  Guests must control their dogs, keep their dogs on a leash, and clean up their dogs waste.  Dog leashes must not be longer than a typical 16 foot retractable type leash.

Over the next year the City will be evaluating the condition of the park, and our guest’s willingness to clean up after their dogs.  The City will provide signage and dog waste removal stations at each of the two parks in the study.  Staff will continue to monitor the condition of each park and alert the City if conditions deteriorate. If a guest fails to keep their dogs on a leash or to clean up their dog’s waste Davis County Animal Control or Layton City Police may ticket the owner.

The City is interested in receiving comments from residents and guests about this change of use in the park. Comments can be made by contacting the Parks and Recreation Director at 801-336-3900 or by leaving a comment on the City website,