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3902 - Name Clearing Hearing

This policy applies only to part-time limited employees and probationary employees separated from employment at the initiation of the City.

 At or near the time of separation from employment for all part time limited and probationary employees they are to be offered an opportunity to provide any information they deem necessary in order to clear their names.  This is commonly referred to as a name clearing hearing.

A name clearing hearing consists of the department director or supervisor inviting the separating employee back to a meeting to say anything he/she might want to say concerning the separation of employment or their employment related performance.  The separating employee may choose to decline participation in the hearing, or he/she may meet with the department director and supervisor.

The purpose of this meeting is to offer the separating employee an opportunity to say anything he/she wants to about the separation as well as the employee's work performance and to explain anything from the employee's perspective.  The department director and any other employees in attendance do not need to explain why the separation occurred, only to say that the separating employee’s service is no longer needed.

The department director shall document that this meeting was offered, and whether it was declined or held.  If held, document the time, date and who attended.

The following form may be used:


I have been offered an opportunity to speak about or explain my separation of employment with the City and my work related performance.

The meeting has been scheduled for:

Time:______________________  Date:_________________


___ I decline the offer to attend a name clearing hearing.

Separating Employee Name:_________________________

Signature:__________________________________  Date:_____________

Witness Name: ________________________________ 

Signature:__________________________________  Date:_____________

Enacted, 8/25/2011, Previous Policy 3902