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Layton Police advice on ‘active shooter’ situations

Article Published 03/25/2015

Unfortunately there are reports about “Active Shooter” type incidents more and more often these days. Some have speculated that the media is simply reporting them more, but FBI data indicates that mass shooting events are in fact on the rise …
Responsible citizens should consider what to do if they found themselves in that situation, and have a plan to respond. The Layton Police Department works with local businesses and employers to integrate their emergency procedures with what the Public Safety response will look like. 
The Layton Police Department encourages employers and the public to generally follow these guidelines:
Option 1: RUN
If you even suspect that someone is actively shooting or similarly threatening people where you are, and you are able to get out of the area, DO IT! Evacuating the area greatly reduces the number of potential victims. Call 911 as soon as it is safe to do so.
Option 2: HIDE
If evacuating is not an option, fortifying your area by locking or blocking access points and hiding can make it more difficult for a suspect to locate victims, and may give you the additional  time needed for law enforcement to locate and stop the threat. If you are hiding, call 911 to report where you are and what is happening. Be prepared to tell dispatchers exactly where the suspect is currently located if you know.
Option 3: FIGHT
You may find yourself directly confronted by the suspect, with no option to run or hide.  At that point you should be prepared to aggressively fight to protect yourself. Physically attacking and resisting the suspect, BY ANY MEANS AVAILABLE AND NECESSARY, may be able to stop or delay the suspect long enough for additional help to arrive.  
-Remember RUN-HIDE-FIGHT! Here is a link to an excellent video that will help demonstrate this concept: