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18 Mar 2017

Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife Davis/Weber County Chapter Banquet

05:00 PM to 09:00 PM

SFW is a team of 7,000 members spread throughout all 50 states. We are intensely dedicated to the perpetuation of wildlife, and we’re passionate about hunting. Our membership is a collection of sportsmen and women including everything from average hunters and influential celebrities, to wildlife experts, firearm and ammunition manufacturers, taxidermists, guides and outfitters. We all work together to create a future for wildlife and for hunters.

SFW members have raised millions of dollars and volunteered tens of thousands of hours and equipment that is having very real affects on the ground. In Utah, Idaho and Wyoming more than 1,000,000 acres of public land has already been rehabilitated with SFW funds and influence.

Thousands of acres of critical deer and elk winter habitat has been purchased, treated with chaining and burning, and preserved with SFW funds.

Interstate and in-state transplants of buffalo, bighorn sheep, elk, turkey and mule deer are an annual event that provide volunteer opportunity for our members and more abundant and healthier wildlife for everyone.

Admission: From $110


Event Location: Davis Conference Center, 800 Heritage Park Blvd. - Layton

Presented by: Chris Carling