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3001 - Personnel Policy


The following personnel policies (1000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 7000 series) set forth City policies, procedures, and objectives for personnel administra­tion, risk management and safety, the conditions of employment with the City, and an explanation of compensa­tion and bene­fits.    These policies are intended to govern the conduct of the City's employees.  While appointed and elected officials are not employees of the City, they are representatives of the City and their conduct should be consistent with the aspirations and objectives of these policies.

The information contained in these policies shall be considered official policy of the Layton City Corporation and may be revised from time to time by the City Manager or City Council with or without notice to the employee.  The official interpretation of all matters dealt with in this manual shall be the responsibil­ity of the City Manager.

This manual is provided for general guidance only.  The policies, procedures, objectives, and statements contained in this manual, and in other statements that may be issued from time to time, do not create a contract or agreement of any kind between the City and its employees, or any other obligation or liability on the City.  Although they reflect current policy, they may, at any time and for any reason, with or without notice to employees, be changed or rescinded.  Also within this manual are strongly worded statements, prefaced with phrases such as “...the City will not tolerate....“  Such statements are stated objectives, and the basis for personnel action, and are not a promise or representation of working or employment conditions, nor do they impose any obligation or liability on the City.  Employment with Layton City is for no set period and may be terminated at any time by the employee, or by the City in accordance with applicable law.

Department Directors may, with the approval of the City Manager, establish additional policies and procedures as they deem necessary for the efficient and orderly administra­tion and supervision of their departments, provided that they do not conflict with policies and procedures estab­lished in this manual.

Philosophy of Service

The purpose of the City is to provide those services which the City Council deems necessary and desirable for the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Layton.  Essentially, all that each City employee does should be for the public benefit and advantage of the people residing within the corporate limits of Layton City, thus pro­moting their greater prosperity and general welfare.

Specifically, the purpose of each department of the City is to provide the highest possible level of service at the most reasonable cost to the citizens.

Employment Philosophy

The quality of the services provided by the City is dependent upon the individual initiative and responsibility of its employees.  Successful employees are self-motivated, perceptive, problem-solvers, service-oriented, have an eye for detail, and follow a job through to its completion in a professional manner.

Most work in the City is accomplished on a team basis.  A productive and successful employee is expected to be able to work with others in a cooperative manner to accomplish the purpose of the City.  The unifying force of team action is communication.  To this end, pertinent job-related information must be shared and communicated with all others in the City who have an interest or concern in the outcome of any job or endeavor.

The City, therefore, seeks to attract and retain the most highly qualified and competent employees who exhibit the qualities and characteristics consistent with the job to be performed.

Enforcement of Policies and Procedures

The Department Director should enforce the City's Personnel Policies and Procedures and implement all procedures necessary to carry out the responsibilities of their respective departments consistent with these policies. 

Notifying Employees of Personnel Policies and Amendments

The Human Resources Division will provide each newly hired employee with a current copy of the Personnel Policy Manual.  Temporary employees may receive an abbreviated version of the manual.  The new employee will sign an acknowledgement that he or she has received, read and understands the policies contained therein.  The signed acknowledgement will be kept in the employee’s personnel file.

From time to time, the City may rescind, make changes or additions to City policy under the direction of the City Manager. Approved policy changes are distributed electronically by the Human Resource Division to department directors, who are responsible to review updated policies with all employees in their department within a 30 day period.  Department directors see that each employee signs an acknowledgement that they have been notified of and understand the policy change.  Signed acknowledgements must be kept on file within each department until each employee has attended or viewed the annual policy changes review presented by the Human Resource Division. 

A representative of the Human Resource Division will visit each department annually or place a presentation on the intranet to review all policy changes made during the previous year with each employee.  The Human Resource Division will maintain on file a signed acknowledgement of employees attending or watching the annual policy changes review.

Department directors should instruct employees annually that their department maintains a binder containing current City personnel policies available for their review, and the location of that binder.  In addition, employees may access current personnel polices at any time on the City’s intranet website.

Personnel Administration

The administration of all personnel matters, except those specifically reserved by the City Council, are the responsibility of the City Manager and may be delegated by the City Manager.  The City Manager or designees shall administer the personnel system provided by this personnel policy pursuant to approved rules and regulations and applicable law.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Minor Edit, 12/17/2003
Amended, 1/9/2004, Previous Policy 3001
Amended, 12/29/2003, Previous Policy 3001
Amended, 3/25/2010, Previous Policy 3001
Amended, 7/9/2010, Previous Policy 3001
Amended, 9/23/2016, Previous Policy 3001
Amended 10/10/2017