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Provide services and opportunities, in partnership with the community, which enhance the quality of life.


People Trust, Communication, Respect, Recognition
Service Quality, Efficient, Friendly, Timely
Integrity Truthfulness, Character, Fairness, Openness
Commitment Initiative, Dedication, Involvement, Perseverance
Excellence Competence, Desire, Innovation, Progressive
Performance Planning, Decisions, Follow-Through, Professionalism


  • Directness, integrity and honesty in all of our actions.
  • Good and competent employees who are loyal to our values and dedicated to using them to improve results.
  • An open, two-way communications network that welcomes opinions and ideas.
  • Respect for citizens, and their opinions, regardless of whether we think they are right or wrong.
  • Recognition for significant contributions and ongoing competent performance.
  • Employees who are willing to accept responsibility and expect to be held accountable for their actions.
  • Innovation and change which produce positive results.
  • Staff work that is timely and thorough.
  • Mistakes are to be learned from rather than feared.
  • Safety awareness that eliminates workplace hazards and minimizes community dangers.
  • A professional environment free of harassment or intimidation of any kind.
  • A friendly approach, a smile and a helpful attitude.
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