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Q.What is the sales tax rate in Layton City?
A.See current and historic sales tax rates at


Q.What are the Utility Billing office hours?
A. Layton City Utility Billing Department office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Q.What services does Layton City Utility Billing Department bill for?

Layton City bills for water, sewer, garbage, and storm drain. For new resident information please click here.

The minimum bill for residential services for a standard water meter is $95.20. The minimum bill is as follows:

UtilityPrice for 2 monthsComments
Water $25.70 First 14,000 gallons and $1.14 per thousand gallons over 14,000 gallons in the 2 month period.
Sewer $34.90  
Garbage $21.40 $16.20 for each additional can with 6 month minimum commitment.
Storm Drain $9.20  
Street Lighting $4.00  

Q.I am new to Layton City and need to establish utility service. What do I do?
A.New utility accounts require a signed Utility Service Application. You may come into our office and complete an application. Our office is located at 437 N. Wasatch Drive. (Click here for a map.) We can send an application that you can complete and return, or you can download and print an application.
An account can not be established until we receive the application.

Q.Is a deposit required when signing up for utility service?
A.There is NO deposit required to establish services with Layton City.

Q.I am moving from Layton and need to discontinue services. What do I need to do?
A.Please contact the Utility Billing department at (801) 336-3860 to terminate your account.

Q.How often does Layton City bill for services?
A.Layton City bills for residential utility services every other month.

Q.When are utility payments due and what happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?
A.Utility payments are due upon receipt of the bill and become delinquent after the 5th of the month following the month of billing. (Example: If you are billed in March, payment is due before April 6th). Delinquent payments are assessed a $5.00 late fee.

Q.Are there utility payment options other than by mail?
A.They are:
  • In person: we accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
  • AutoPay: Electronic funds transfer from your bank account
  • Web payments: Payments are accepted on the City’s web site using a credit card or electronic funds transfer. Click here for a link to the web payment page.
  • Utility Payment Drop Box: Located on the east side of the City Center parking lot next to the blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox. Checks only please.
  • By phone: We will accept Credit Card payments over the phone.

Q.How do I set up AutoPay for electronic funds transfer?
A.In person in the Utility Billing office, request an application by sending an email to or call the Utility Billing office and request a form.

Q.How do order an additional garbage can? The lid on my garbage can broke off. Who do I contact?
A.Call Layton City’s Utility Billing office at (801) 336-3860.

Q.My garbage wasn’t picked up on its regularly scheduled day. Who do I contact?
A.If your garbage was not picked up on its regularly scheduled day please call Waste Management’s customer service office at (801) 731-5052.

Q.How do I contact the Landfill?
A.Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District is located at 1256 East Highway 193 and their phone number is 614-5600. Their website is

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