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Open Burning Regulations

Layton City Ordinances and laws regulated by the Utah Division of Air Quality regulate open burning within Layton City limits. Open burning conducted within Layton City limits is limited to agricultural burning or a recreational fire as defined below.

To qualify for agricultural open burning, the property that the burning will be conducted on must be zoned agricultural. Agricultural open burning is limited only to items that are incident to horticultural or agricultural operations such as prunings from trees, bushes and plants; dead or diseased trees, bushes and plants, including stubble; burning of weed growth along ditch banks for clearing these ditches for irrigation purposes; controlled heating of orchards or other crops during the frost season to lessen the changes of their being frozen, so long as emissions from this heating do not cause or contribute to an exceedance of any national ambient air quality standards and is consistent with the federally approved state implementation plan. NO BURNING OF ANY TRASH.

The State Law also requires that farmers who are going to burn any of the above approved items, notify the nearest fire department prior to burning. Layton City requires that you notify the fire department at 801-336-3940 and provide them with the start and end times of the burn, an address where the burning will occur, the name and the phone number of the responsible party for the burn, and the materials that you will be burning. In addition, Layton City limits open burning to daylight hours and on days that the Clearing Index provided by the Davis County Health Department is greater than 500. The Clearing Index is a measure of the atmospheric mixing and wind speed. A Clearing Index of 500 or less is considered poor atmospheric ventilation.

All agricultural fires must be kept a minimum of 50 feet from any structures. The responsible party must have a water supply or other means to control the fire. The fire must be constantly attended until completely out.

Recreational Fire

Recreational fires, such as fire pits, are allowed within Layton City limits. There are some regulations that must be met in order to use and conduct a recreational fire. Recreational fires are NOT to be conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material, including combustible trees and other vegetation. This also includes your property line. Recreational fires or fire pits must be kept under 3-feet diameter and the wood pile no higher than 2-feet in height. These fires are to be constantly attended by a person 18 years of age or older. There must be a bucket of water, a hose or other means to extinguish the fire. The fire must be used solely for cooking, or other recreational purposes. The property where the recreational fire is conducted must be owned by the person conducting the fire or have written permission from the owner to kindle the fire. All persons conducting recreational fires must notify the fire department at 801-336-3940 prior to lighting the fire and provide them with the start and end times of the fire, the address where the fire will occur, and the name and a phone number of the responsible party for the fire. Ensure that the wood burned in a recreational fire is clean and dry. NO TRASH OR YARD WASTE will be allowed to be burned in a recreational fire.

Portable outdoor fireplaces are also allowed to be used within Layton City and are to be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and should not to be operated within 15 feet of a structure or combustible materials or the property line of the property that the fire will be conducted on.

Any fire larger than the 3-foot diameter as described above is considered a bon fire and can only be conducted with a written permit from the Fire Department.

Open Burning at a Glance:

Open Burning/Agricultural Burning

  • Property must be zoned agricultural.
  • Must be incident to and essential to agricultural/horticultural operation.
  • Must be constantly attended.
  • To be conducted during daylight hours only.
  • Must have means to extinguish or control the fire.
  • Must be kept a minimum of 50 feet from all structures.
  • Must comply with air quality index of 500 or greater. (Except for burning of ditch banks, fence lines, stubble on cultivated land, these are still asked to comply with air quality index.) However, they are not required to meet these requirements.
  • If open burning creates a public hazard, the on-duty fire officer has the authority to either order the fire extinguished or extinguish the fire. When weather or other conditions make open burning a hazard such as winds etc. The officer on duty may deny all burning requests.

Recreation or Cooking Fires

  • Must only use clean, dry wood.
  • Must be kept under 3-feet in diameter.
  • Must be kept under 2-feet in pile height.
  • Must be kept a minimum of 25-feet from all structures and other combustibles, including property lines.
  • For portable outdoor fireplaces, must be kept a minimum of 15-feet from all structures and other combustibles.
  • Must be constantly attended by a person 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a bucket of water, water hose or other means to extinguish.
  • Must be used solely for cooking or recreational purposes.
  • Must own the property or have written permission from the property owner to conduct the fire.
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