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1.20. Punishments

1.20.010. Sentencing in accordance with Chapter
1.20.020. Penal laws enacted after effective date
1.20.030. Designation of offenses
1.20.040. Misdemeanors classified
1.20.050. Infractions
1.20.060. Sentences or combination of sentences allowed; Civil penalties
1.20.070. Misdemeanor conviction; Term of imprisonment
1.20.080. Infraction conviction; Fine, forfeiture, and disqualification
1.20.090. Fines of persons
1.20.100. Fines of corporations, associations, partnerships, or governmental instrumentalities
1.20.110. Additional sanctions against corporation or association; Advertising of conviction; Disqualification of officer
1.20.120. Concurrent or consecutive sentences; Limitations
1.20.130. Credit for good behavior against sentence for misdemeanor
1.20.140. Construction

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