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10. Traffic

10.04. Code
10.12. Administration
10.16. Obedience to Code
10.20. Speed Limits; Control Devices
10.25. Photo-Radar
10.32. Play Streets
10.48. Turns
10.56. Avoiding Traffic Control Devices
10.60. Driving Regulations
10.62. Parking
10.64. Private Parking Lots
10.68. Vehicle Impoundment
10.72. Railroad Trains
10.76. Pedestrians
10.84. Limited Access Highways
10.88. Restricted and Hazardous Vehicles
10.92. School Property Regulations
10.94. Vehicle Equipment Regulations; Securing Transported Loads
10.96. Operating Motor Vehicle on Property Prohibited Without Written Permission
10.98. Use of Dynamic Braking Devices Prohibited

Municipal Code (PDF Format)

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