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10.20.020. Enactment or change of speed limits

            (1)        The Chief of Police, in cooperation with the engineering and planning divisions of the City, may determine the reasonable and safe speed limit for each roadway or section of roadway within the City.  Each speed limit shall be based on traffic engineering and safety studies for each roadway or section of the roadway including:

                        (a)        the design speed;

                        (b)        prevailing vehicle speeds;

                        (c)        accident history;

                        (d)        roadway, traffic, and roadside conditions;

                        (e)        pedestrian traffic; and

                        (f)        other roadway safety factors.

            (2)        In addition to the provisions of Subsection (1), the Chief of Police may establish different speed limits on a roadway or section of roadway based on time of day, road construction, type of vehicle, weather conditions, and other roadway safety factors.

            (3)        When, as a result of pertinent studies, the Chief of Police determines that the movement of vehicular traffic upon the roadway, intersection, or location so surveyed could be controlled with greater safety to life and property or with greater efficiency in the use of the roadway, intersection, or location, if the speed limit were increased or reduced, the Chief of Police shall specify such speed limit in terms of miles per hour, and it shall become effective upon the placing of proper signs and markers giving notice thereof.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 04-11, Amended, 1/15/2004

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