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13.10.040. Alternative methods allowed

            (1)        If a proposed development cannot satisfy the fire flow requirements, the developer, with City approval, may:

                        (a)        provide on-site reservoirs to be constructed by the developer; and/or

                        (b)        alter the construction type and/or materials to reduce the required fire flow; and/or

                        (c)        cause that all habitable buildings be provided with an approved automatic fire sprinkler system to offset and reduce the gallons per minute (GPM) requirements for fire flow; and/or

                        (d)        replace pertinent water lines with larger size lines.  The Fire Chief, in conjunction with the City Engineer, shall establish or identify the requirements and standards in utilizing any such alternatives or any combination thereof.

            (2)        Regardless of the measures taken to reduce the amount of fire flow required, the minimum flow shall meet the requirements of Appendix B of the International Fire Code as amended in Title 16.

            (3)        A permit for development or construction may be issued in an area where existing fire flow does not meet the City's requirements only upon a finding of all of the following:

                        (a)        A new or additional water line, which will service the subject area, is under construction to the extent that the subject area will have access to the additional water supply prior to or near the time of completion;

                        (b)        The City Engineer has determined that the additional water supply will provide the necessary gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure for the construction and occupancy type;

                        (c)        The existing fire flow is one thousand (1,000) gallons per minute (GPM) for sixty (60) minutes;

                        (d)        The type, density, and exposure of the building materials, and their proximity to other structures, do not create a significant hazard, absent the required fire flow;

                        (e)        The developer or permit holder agrees that if the newly completed water supply does not provide the required fire flow, the development will be equipped with automatic fire sprinklers and whatever other measures required by the Fire Chief, pursuant to this Chapter and the currently adopted International Fire Code,  necessary to bring the structure into compliance with the fire protection requirements; and

                        (f)        The developer or permit holder agrees that no certificate of occupancy will be issued until the development or structure is in compliance with the fire protection requirements.

            (4)        For purposes of this Chapter, "development", in addition to its common usage, includes the constructing, remodeling, or alteration of any structure so as to change the construction and/or occupancy classification.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-42, Amended, 10/1/1998
Ord. No. 10-12, Amended, 6/17/2010

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