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13.11.303. Secondary containment

            Where secondary containment is required, it shall be constructed of a material of sufficient structural integrity and composition to contain the required capacity of liquids and not be structurally weakened as a result of contact with the discharge of the regulated substance to be contained.  The material shall be free of cracks, joints, gaps, or other imperfections which would allow leakage through the containment material.

            The secondary containment system shall have sufficient capacity to contain (a) ten percent (10%) of the volume of all containers and one hundred percent (100%) of the volume of the largest single container, whichever is greater, plus (b) the design flow rate of the automatic fire extinguishing system (for twenty (20) minutes) for the area or room in which the storage is located.  If the storage area and/or containment area are open to rainfall, the secondary containment system must also accommodate the volume of a twenty-four (24) hour rainfall as determined by a twenty-five (25) year storm frequency.  Liquid that accumulates in the secondary containment system shall be removed in as timely a manner as necessary to prevent overflow of the system.  Nonhazardous liquids may be drained in accordance with applicable local regulations.  If the collected material is a hazardous waste under Title 40 Part 261 of the Code of Federal Regulations, it must be managed as a hazardous waste in accordance with all applicable requirements of Parts 262 through 266 of that regulation.

            Vacuum suction devices, absorbent scavenger materials, or other devices approved by the Department, shall be present on-site or available to facilitate the removal or further containment of spilled regulated substances.  Devices or materials shall be available in sufficient magnitude so as to at least control and collect the total quantity of regulated substances that the containment system is designed to contain.  Emergency containers shall be present and of such capacity as to hold the total quantity of regulated substances plus absorbent material.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-72, Enacted, 11/5/1998

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