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13.12.430. Sanitary sewer/storm drain cross connections

            It shall be unlawful to connect, or allow to be maintained, any cross connection of a sanitary sewer lateral to a public or private storm drain line or land drain line.  Upon discovery of the cross connection by the City, the City shall notify the property owner of the property where the lateral is located, that they have a limited amount of time, not to exceed fourteen (14) days, to correct the cross connection.  If the cross connection is not removed, and replaced with a proper connection to an existing sewer line, the City may proceed to make the repair and the property owner shall be responsible for making payment to the City, within ten (10) days after notice is given to the property owner by the City, of the amount due.  The City may also pursue the enforcement of this Section by filing a civil action, injunction, or other legal proceeding, to enforce the provisions of this Section.  The City may also pursue and charge the violation as a class B misdemeanor, with each day of violation constituting a separate offense.

Ord. No. 09-11, Enacted, 5/26/2009

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