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13.13.020. Reporting irrigation ditch ownership, users, locations, and types

            All owners and/or users of irrigation ditches, canals, or pipelines and any other and all persons having rights to transport water by easement or by any other rights as conferred by law shall furnish the City the following information:

            (1)        Location map of the ditch, canal, or pipeline showing the point of beginning, the route it traverses through the City and the point of termination.

            (2)        Indicate the locations where the ditch, canal, or pipeline is on an easement for that purpose; on land owned by deed or title by the irrigation company; on lands where no recorded right-of-way exists.

            (3)        Indicate the name (if any) of the ditch, canal, or pipeline.

            (4)        Indicate the owners of the ditch, canal, or pipeline and the responsible party or parties for maintaining and/or operating said ditch, canal, or pipeline.

            (5)        Indicate the source or turn in point of the water for the ditch, canal, or pipeline by name of the supplying ditch, canal, pipeline, or stream.

            (6)        Indicate the locations where water is turned out to other ditches, canals, or pipelines along with the name of the owners or users of same and the quantity of water that may be turned out.

            (7)        Indicate the purpose of the ditch, canal, or pipeline indicating whether said ditch, canal, or pipeline is a primary supply, lateral ditch, waste ditch, return ditch, or any and all other purposes not specifically mentioned herein.

            (8)        Indicate any section of the ditch, canal, or pipeline that is being maintained by a party different from the owner or responsible party as listed above.

            (9)        The map that is submitted shall be drawn to scale at a scale not to exceed one inch equals five hundred feet (1" = 500').

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997

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