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13.15.050. System of rates and charges

            (1)        Fee.  The City shall, through the City's Consolidated Fee Schedule, impose a storm sewer drainage fee on each parcel of real property within the City, except governmentally owned streets.  The charges shall fund the administration, planning, design, construction, water quality programming, operation, maintenance, and repair of existing and future storm water facilities and the services related thereto.

            (2)        Method of calculation.

                        (a)        Calculation.  The fees to be assessed on each parcel of property within the City shall be based on the amount of runoff attributable to the use that the property is put to.  Each property shall be assigned an assessment as calculated by the City Engineer.  Each property within the City shall be classified according to the zoning use, using a national standard for storm water calculation.  An average parcel size shall be established for residential uses.  Commercial and industrial uses shall use an actual parcel size for the calculation.  The City engineer shall establish a per-acre cost of providing storm water facilities based on the capital costs the City will incur.  The amount of runoff shall be represented by an assigned "runoff coefficient."  The parcel size shall be multiplied by the coefficient. The resulting number shall be multiplied by the per acre cost.  The result of this calculation should be approximately the cost to the City, of providing the proportional share of necessary storm water improvements to service the area receiving the benefit.

            Parcel Size (Acres) x Runoff Coeff. x Per Acre Cost of Improvements = Fee

                        (b)        Charge per parcel of property.  The amount charged to each parcel of property as a storm water fee, shall be established by the City Council and shall be contained and updated in the City's Consolidated Fee Schedule.

                        (c)        Credit for storm water system improvements.  Non-residential parcels with mitigating storm water facilities that serve the City's regional storm water needs, as prescribed by the storm water master plan and utilizing methods that meet the City's design and maintenance standards may be eligible for a service fee credit.  The credit may be granted if property owners have not already been compensated for, or have agreed to construct the facilities as part of the development process.  The parcel's owner or agent must make application for this credit to the City Engineer.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 02-48, Enacted, 8/1/2002

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