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13.16.010. Purpose

            The purpose of this ordinance is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Layton City and its inhabitants by improving the City's storm sewer system, managing and controlling storm water run-off, protecting property, preventing polluted water from entering the City's storm water system and other receiving waters to the maximum extent practicable as required by federal and state law.  The objectives of this ordinance are:

            (1)        To regulate the contribution of pollutants to the City's storm sewer system by storm water discharges by any user;

            (2)        To prohibit illicit connections and discharges to the City storm water system;

            (3)        To guide, regulate, and control the design, construction, use, and maintenance of any development or other activity that results in the movement of earth on land within the City;

            (4)        To minimize increases in non-point source pollution caused by storm water run-off from development, which would otherwise degrade local water quality;

            (5)        To reduce the amount of storm water run-off, soil erosion, and non-point source pollution, wherever possible, through storm water management controls and to ensure that these management controls are properly maintained and pose no threat to public safety;

            (6)        To establish a viable and fair method of financing the construction, management, operation and maintenance of the storm sewer system;

            (7)        To establish legal authority to carry out all inspection, surveillance, and monitoring procedures necessary to ensure compliance with this ordinance; and

            (8)        To establish a penalty procedure for violation(s) of this Code.

Ord. No. 06-41, Enacted 9/21/2006

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