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13.06.010. General; Control of backflow and cross connections

            (1)        The City shall be responsible for the safe operation of the culinary water system.

            (2)        The City shall maintain an inventory record of all backflow devices installed on a water service line receiving culinary water from the City's culinary system.

            (3)        The City shall schedule and notify in writing, all consumers of the need for the periodic system survey to insure compliance with existing applicable minimum health and safety standards.  The appropriate backflow prevention assemblies shall be identified as a result of the system survey.

            (4)        The City shall have responsibility to enforce the applicable requirements of this Section beginning at the first point of service or service valve located inside the building or in an approved control vault before the first branch line leading off the service line.

            (5)        It shall be the responsibility of the consumer to purchase, install, arrange, and pay for testing and maintenance of any backflow prevention device/assembly required to comply with this ordinance.

            (6)        The building official and/or the City plumbing inspector shall review all plans and installations to ensure the proper backflow device/assembly is installed.  The official shall make the determination as to the type of device to be installed depending on the degree of hazard.

            (7)        The Layton City water division, the building official, and/or the plumbing inspector, and the Parks and Recreation Department shall report all installations of backflow devices/assemblies installed by or communicated to them to the Layton City Water Quality officer.

            (8)        Certified backflow assembly technicians, surveyors, or repairperson's responsibilities.  Whether employed by the consumer or utility to survey, test, repair, or maintain backflow prevention assemblies, they will have the following responsibilities:

                        (a)        Ensure that acceptable testing equipment and procedures are used for testing, repairing, or overhauling backflow prevention assemblies.

                        (b)        Make reports of such testing and/or repair to the consumer or water purveyor on forms approved by the Division of Drinking Water.

                        (c)        The report shall include the list of materials or replacement parts used.

                        (d)        Ensure that replacement parts are equal in quality to parts originally supplied by the manufacturer of the assembly being repaired.

                        (e)        To not change the design, material, or operational characteristics of the assembly during testing, repair, or maintenance.

                        (f)        A certified technician approved by the City shall perform all tests of the mechanical devices/assemblies and be responsible for the competence and accuracy of all tests and reports.

                        (g)        Ensuring that his/her license is current and that the testing equipment being used is acceptable to the City and state, and is in proper operating condition.

                        (h)        Be equipped with, and be competent to use all necessary tools, gauges, and other equipment necessary to properly test and maintain backflow prevention assemblies.

                        (i)         The certified technician conducting the test must tag each double check valve, pressure vacuum breaker, reduced pressure backflow assembly, and high hazard air gap, showing the serial number, date tested, and by whom.  The technician's license number must also be on this tag.

                        (j)         In the case of a consumer requiring a commercially available technician, any certified technician is authorized to make the test and report the results of that test to the consumer and water purveyor.  If such a commercially tested assembly is in need of repair, Title 58, Chapter 54 of the Utah Code requires that a licensed plumber make the actual repair.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 01-49, Amended, 11/15/2001
Ord. No. 925, Enacted, 11/7/1991

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