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13.08.020. Application for service

            (1)        Any person desiring a supply of water from the City, or sewer service when such service is available, shall apply therefor with the City and file an agreement with the City, which agreement shall contain the following:

                        (a)        Date of application.

                        (b)        Name of applicant and signature.

                        (c)        Address to be supplied utility service.

                        (d)        Address where billing shall be sent.

                        (e)        A statement indicating that the applicant is a tenant, owner, or builder.

                        (f)        The name and address of the owner of the premises to be supplied if applicant is a tenant.

                        (g)        Applicant's prior address.

            (2)        In case an application for furnishing utility services provided by the City shall be made by a tenant of the owner, the City shall require as a condition of granting the same that such application contain a signed agreement (Owner's Continuous Guarantee) from the owner or a duly authorized agent stating that in consideration of granting such application the owner will pay for all service furnished such tenant or any other occupant of the premises named in the application in case such tenant or occupant shall fail to pay for the same according to this Chapter.  In case any person shall fail to pay for the service furnished according to the rules and regulations prescribed by this Chapter, the City shall cause the water to be shut off from such premises and shall not be required to turn the same on again until all arrears for service furnished shall be paid in full.

            (3)        A building contractor shall make an application for culinary water service for construction purposes.  The contractor shall pay the construction water fees as part of the building permit process.  The utility billing division will establish an account for the contractor for the given address.  The account will remain inactive until final inspection.  After the issuance of an occupancy permit, the contractor will arrange for the installation and inspection of an appropriate water meter and connection.  The account will be activated at final inspection and the contractor will be responsible for payment of the water utility service until a new occupant applies for services at that location.  If a building contractor moves an occupant into any building without first securing an occupancy permit, the City may revoke water service to the building.

            The contractor shall pay for any additional City service charges, i.e. sewer, garbage, etc. if a tenant is allowed to occupy a building without: (a) properly applying for such services and, (b) having a certificate of occupancy issued by a building inspector.

            The contractor may be denied culinary water services at a construction site if said contractor has any delinquent utility accounts with the City.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 15-34, Amended, 12/17/2015

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