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13.08.023. Billing and payment

            (1)        All charges and assessments for utility services provided by the City shall be billed according to a billing schedule established by the City Finance Director or his designee.

            (2)        Partial payments received shall apply first to the penalty, if any, second to the garbage collection fee, third to the sewer fee, fourth to the storm water fee, fifth to the street lighting fee, and last to the water fee.

            (3)        The City Finance Director or his designee may negotiate with the recipient of utility services for the payment of overdue utility accounts, including the payment of any penalties or interest charges as provided herein, provided such repayment period shall not extend over one year.

            (4)        If water service is continued after the account holder has been notified of the City's intent to disconnect or interrupt service for nonpayment and/or delinquent payment and the intended disconnection is halted by reason of payment of the delinquency, or a portion thereof, by a check which is later returned "unpaid" by the issuer's bank for any reason, the City shall forthwith disconnect the water service for the account and shall not reconnect the same until the entire delinquency, the returned check fee, and the reconnection fee have been paid.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 15-34, Amended, 12/17/2015

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