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13.08.024. Disconnection for nonpayment

            (1)        Subject to the conditions contained below, water service may be disconnected for any account, for which any portion of the previously billed balance remains unpaid longer than thirty (30) days after the "due date" of the initially overdue statement.

            (2)        The City Treasurer shall assess and collect an interest charge as set forth by resolution for any amount overdue and unpaid.

            (3)        In cases where the water meter is removed for the purpose of discontinuing service, the City Treasurer shall assess and collect a re-installation fee in addition to the full amount owing for service to those premises along with the required deposit, prior to reestablishing service.

            (4)        The City Treasurer or his designee shall notify in writing the users having delinquent accounts of the utility's intention to disconnect service for nonpayment.  The notice shall be mailed, first class postage prepaid, to the account holder at his last known address, and if the account holder does not reside upon the service premises, to the "occupant" of such premises, addressed to the service address.  The notice shall be in a format to attract the user's attention and shall state the proposed action and the reasons thereof.  The City Treasurer or his designee shall also notify the property owner or his duly authorized agent.

            (5)        The account holder or premises occupant shall have the right to request a hearing, with the Finance Director or his designee, to determine the existence and validity of the debt and to insure the disconnection procedures outlined in this Section have been followed.  If no hearing is requested within ten (10) days the hearing will be deemed waived.

            (6)        The notice informing the user of the City's intention to disconnect service shall inform him of his right to request the hearing.

            (7)        No service shall be disconnected until after passage of ten (10) days following mailing of the notice or, if a hearing is requested, until the announcement of the hearing officer's decision or, if the hearing officer's decision is appealed to the City Council, until the announcement of the decision of the City Council.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997

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