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14.01.050. Calculation of impact fees based on fee schedule

            Impact fees shall be calculated as follows:

            (1)        Unless an applicant requests an individual assessment as set forth in this Section, the impact fees shall be calculated for the proposed development based on the development plan approval or permit allowing the use, according to the applicable fee schedule.

            (2)        The impact fee schedules for parks, storm drainage, transportation, water, and public safety, are adopted and amended from time to time, and are made a part of the "Layton City Consolidated Fee Schedule."

            (3)        The units of development specified in the fee schedule shall be interpreted as follows:

                        (a)        Residential impact fees may be collected by unit, lot size, or utility connection.  For the purposes of this Title, mobile or manufactured homes are considered residential.

                        (b)        Building square footage shall be measured in terms of gross floor area measured from the outside surfaces of the building walls.

            (4)        For categories of uses not specified in the applicable impact fee schedule, the Community and Economic Development Director shall apply the category of use set forth in the applicable fee schedule that is deemed to be most similar to the proposed use.

            (5)        If the development plan approval or permit for the proposed development indicates a mix of uses in the development, the impact fees shall be calculated separately for each use according to the fee schedule, and the results aggregated.

            (6)        For an addition to, or remodeling or replacement of existing structures, or for a change of use of an existing structure, the impact fee to be paid shall be the difference, if any, between:

                        (a)        The fee, if any, that would be payable for existing development on the site, or in the case of demolition or removal of a structure, the previous development on the site, provided that the demolition or removal has occurred within one (1) year of the date of submittal of the application for which impact fees are assessed; and

                        (b)        The fee, if any, that would be payable for the total development on the site for the new development.

            (7)        Upon written request of an applicant, the Community and Economic Development Director shall provide an estimate of the current fee based on the data provided by the applicant.  However, the Community and Economic Development Director shall not be responsible for determining at such preliminary date, the accuracy of the information provided, nor shall such estimate provide any vested rights.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 97-42, Enacted, 6/30/1997
Ord. No. 00-22, Amended, 6/15/2000
Ord. No. 05-35, Amended, 7/7/2005

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