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15.02. Buildings and Construction

15.02.010. General provisions
15.02.020. Application
15.02.030. Submission of plans
15.02.040. Inspection
15.02.050. Enforcement
15.02.060. Appeal
15.02.070. City records
15.02.080. Building Officials; Prohibited conduct
15.02.090. Work by owner
15.02.100. Single permits
15.02.110. Adoption of International Building Code and Appendix J
15.02.120. Fees
15.02.130. Additional building requirements
15.02.140. Reserved
15.02.150. Adoption of International Mechanical Code
15.02.155. Adoption of the International Residential Code
15.02.160. Adoption of the Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings
15.02.165. Adoption of the International Fuel Gas Code
15.02.170. Adoption of the International Plumbing Code
15.02.180. Adoption of the National Electrical Code
15.02.190. Adoption of the International Energy Conservation Code
15.02.195. Adoption of the Utah Uniform Building Standards Act Rules
15.02.200. Moving buildings; Building permit required; Written agreement; Bond required; Appeals; Forfeiture
15.02.210. Same; Acceptable bond
15.02.220. Repealed - (Relocated in The International Residential Code)
15.02.230. Violation; Penalty

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