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15.02.130. Additional building requirements

            (1)        In both commercial and residential construction, a four (4) inch minimum of one (1) inch or smaller rock will be required under all basement floors unless otherwise permitted by the Building Official or his authorized representative.

            (2)        All Group R occupancies, as defined by the most recent edition of the International Building Code, having six inches (6") or more of exposed foundation above the finish grade shall be finished plaster or have a finished surface no less than that obtained by the use of plaster.  Examples of such finishes include, but are not limited to, decorative finishes using molded forms, aggregate, troweled concrete, etc.

            (3)        All residential lawn sprinkling systems which are supplied by the Layton City potable water system shall be equipped with an approved backflow prevention device.  This device shall be of either the dual check type which meets A.S.S.E. Standard 1024, or an approved gate type, equipped with ball valve test cocks, and meet A.S.S.E. Standard 1013.

            (4)        All smoke detectors required to be wired in series shall be wired with 14-3 w.g. unless otherwise approved by the Building Official.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-30, Amended, 5/7/1998
Ord. No. 02-07, Amended, 5/16/2002
Ord. No. 944, Amended, 12/5/1991
Ord. No. 97-17, Amended, 4/3/1997

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