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15.03.100. Setbacks

            (1)        General.  Cut and fill slopes shall be set back from site boundaries in accordance with this Chapter.  Setback dimensions shall be horizontal distances measured perpendicular to the site boundary.  Setback dimensions shall be as required by the City.

            (2)        Top of cut slope.  The top of cut slopes shall not be made nearer to a site boundary line than one-fifth (1/5) of the vertical height of cut with a minimum of two feet (2') (610 mm) and a maximum of ten feet (10') (3048 mm).  The setback may need to be increased for any required interceptor drains.

            (3)        Toe of fill slope.  The toe of fill slope shall be made not nearer to the site boundary line than one-half the height of the slope with a minimum of two feet (2') (610 mm) and a maximum of twenty feet (20') (6096 mm).  Where a fill slope is to be located near the site boundary and the adjacent off-site property is developed, special precautions shall be incorporated in the work as the Building Official deems necessary to protect the adjoining property from damage as a result of such grading.

            These precautions may include but are not limited to:

                        (a)        Additional setbacks.

                        (b)        Provision for retaining or slough walls.

                        (c)        Mechanical or chemical treatment of the fill slope surface to minimize erosion.

                        (d)        Provisions for the control of surface waters.

            (4)        Modification of slope location.  The Building Official may approve alternate setbacks.  The Building Official may require an investigation and recommendation by a qualified engineer or engineering geologist to demonstrate that the intent of this Section has been satisfied.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 03-31, Enacted, 9/4/2003

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