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16.10.010. Adopted

            The 2006 edition of the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code, including Appendix Chapters A – Vegetation Management Plan, B – Vegetation Management Plan, C – Fire Hazard Rating System, D – Fire Danger Rating System are hereby adopted by reference and are made a part of this Code.  Appendix Chapter E – Findings of Fact, F – Characteristics of Fire-Resistive Vegetation, G – Self Defense Mechanism, H – International Wildland-Urban Interface Code Flowchart, are included as guides.  The language hereinafter is in addition to the language in the published code and appendices.

SECTION 104.3           Alternative Appeal Process.

            Notwithstanding Sections 104.1 and 104.2, a person may seek a review of the application and interpretation of this Code, first to the Fire Chief and then the City Manager.  A written appeal shall be filed with the Fire Chief, who shall render a determination within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the appeal.  If the written appeal fails to contain the necessary specificity to make a determination, this time period may be extended.  If no decision is made by the Fire Chief within the time period, or if the appellant desires further review, a written appeal may be made to the City Manager.  The City Manager shall render a decision within twenty-one (21) days of receiving the written appeal.  The Fire Chief and City Manager have the authority to interpret this Code and shall, with reasonable diligence, determine whether the requirements imposed constitute a fair administration of this Code.

SECTION 403.1           Restricted Access.

            Where emergency vehicle access is restricted because of secured access roads or driveways or where immediate access is necessary for life-saving or fire-fighting purposes, the requirements of Layton Municipal Code Section 16.04.010 Section 503.6 of the International Fire Code shall be met.

SECTION 403.2           Driveways.

            Driveways shall be provided when any portion of an exterior wall of the first story of a building is located more than one hundred fifty feet (150') (45 720 mm) from a fire apparatus access road.  Driveways shall be in accordance with Layton Municipal Code Section 18.50.060.

            Vehicle load limits shall be posted at both entrances to bridges on driveways, private lanes, and private roads.  Design loads for bridges shall be established by the City Engineer.

SECTION 403.3           Fire Apparatus Access Road.

            When required, fire apparatus access roads shall be all-weather roads with a minimum width of twenty-six feet (26') and a clear height of thirteen feet (13') six inches (6"); shall be designed to accommodate the loads and turning radii for fire apparatus; and have a gradient negotiable by the specific fire apparatus normally used at the location within the jurisdiction.  Dead-end roads in excess of 150 feet in length shall be provided with turnarounds as approved by the code official.  An all-weather road surface shall be any surface material acceptable to the code official that would normally allow the passage of emergency service vehicles typically used to respond to that location within the jurisdiction.

SECTION 403.6           Address Markers.

            All buildings where the address posted on the building is not visible and/or readable from the street, shall have a permanently posted address made of noncombustible materials, which shall be placed at each driveway entrance and be visible from both directions of travel along the road.  In all cases, the address shall be posted at the beginning of construction and shall be maintained thereafter, and the address shall be visible and legible from the road on which the address is located.

            Address signs along one-way roads shall be visible from both the intended direction of travel and the opposite direction.  Where multiple addresses are required at a single driveway, they shall be mounted on a single post, and additional signs shall be posted at locations where driveways divide.

            Where a roadway provides access solely to a single commercial or industrial business, the address sign shall be placed at the nearest road intersection providing access to that site.

SECTION 404.5           Adequate Water Supply.

            Adequate water supply shall be in accordance with Appendix B of the International Fire Code as amended in the Layton Municipal Code Chapter 16.04.

SECTION 503.1           General.

            Buildings and structures hereafter constructed, modified or relocated into or within wildland-urban interface areas shall meet the construction requirements in accordance with Table 16.10 – 503.1. Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 ignition-resistant construction shall be in accordance with Sections 504, 505, and 506, respectively.

Table 16.10 – 503.1

Ignition-Resistant Constructiona



Moderate Hazard

High Hazard

Extreme Hazard

Water Supplyb

Water Supplyb

Water Supplyb


IR 2

IR 1

IR 1



IR 3

IR 2

IR 1

1.5 x Conforming

Not Required

IR 3

IR 2

a. Access shall be in accordance with Section 402.

b. Subdivisions shall have a conforming water supply in accordance with Section 402.1.

IR 1 = Ignition-resistant construction in accordance with Section 504.

IR 2 = Ignition-resistant construction in accordance with Section 505.

IR 3 = Ignition-resistant construction in accordance with Section 506.

N.C. = Exterior walls shall have a fire-resistance rating of not less than 1-hour and the exterior surfaces of such walls shall be noncombustible.  Usage of log wall construction is allowed.

c. Conformance based on Section 603.

SECTION A104.6        Fireworks.

            Use of fireworks shall be in accordance with Layton Municipal Code Section 9.64.150.

SECTION A108.4        Access Roadways.

            In addition to the requirements in Section 403, access roadways shall be a minimum of twenty-six feet (26') wide and posted NO PARKING.  Two (2) access roadways shall be provided to serve the permitted use area.

            When required by the code official to facilitate emergency operations, approved emergency vehicle operating areas shall be provided.

Ord. No. 10-11, Enacted, 6/17/2010

Municipal Code (PDF Format)

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