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16.16.030. Burning without permit

            (1)        When not prohibited by other laws or by other officials having jurisdiction, and provided that no nuisance is created, the following types of open burning are permitted without the necessity of securing a permit:

                        (a)        The burning of prunings from fruit trees when they come from an orchard with twenty-five (25) or more fruit trees.

                        (b)        The burning of weed growth along fence lines on cultivated lands, canals, or irrigation ditches.

                        (c)        The burning of stubble incident to horticultural or agricultural operations on property of a contiguous two (2) acres or more of cultivated property.

                        (d)        The controlled heating of orchards or other crops to lessen the chances of their being frozen, so long as the emissions from such heating shall not violate minimum standards as set by the committee.

                        (e)        Outdoor grills, fireplaces, and similar devices whose primary purpose is the preparation of food.

                        (f)        Campfires and fires used solely for recreational purposes, under four feet (4') in diameter and under the control of a person eighteen (18) years of age or older.

                        (g)        Indoor fireplaces.

                        (h)        Properly operated industrial flares for combustion of flammable gases.

            (2)        Before carrying on any open burning described in subsection (1) of this Section, the person wishing to do so shall, furnish to a representative of the Fire Department the following information: The date, place, time of day, and length of time the burning is proposed to be carried on, purpose and proposed extent of the burning, the name, address, and age of the person to be in control of the burning and any other information such representative may reasonably require.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-60, Amended, 12/3/1998

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