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18.10.020. Consideration of petition to vacate or change plat

            (1)        Within thirty (30) days after the public hearing required by this part, or as that time period may be extended by agreement of the parties, the City Council shall consider the petition to vacate or change the plat.

            (2)        If the City Council is satisfied that neither the public interest nor any person will be materially injured by the proposed vacation, alteration, or amendment, and that there is good cause for the vacation, alteration, or amendment, the City Council may vacate, alter, or amend the plat, any portion of the plat, or any street or lot.

            (3)        The City Council may approve the vacation, alteration, or amendment by resolution, amended plat, administrative order, or deed containing a stamp or mark indicating approval by the City Council.

            (4)        The City Council shall ensure that the vacation, alteration, or amendment is recorded in the office of the Davis County Recorder in which the land is located.

            (5)        The action of the City Council vacating or narrowing a street or alley that has been dedicated to public use shall operate to the extent to which it is vacated or narrowed, upon the effective date of the vacating ordinance, as revocation of the acceptance thereof, and the relinquishment of the City's fee therein, but the right-of-way and easements therein, if any, of any lot owner and the franchise rights of any public utility may not be impaired thereby.

Ord. No. 07-25, Enacted, 7/5/2007

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