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18.16.030. Requirements

            The final plat shall comply in all respects with the requirements for a preliminary plat and in addition shall:

            (1)        Submit five (5) copies of the dedication plat;

            (2)        Have a boundary narrative which matches the drafted description;

            (3)        Have a boundary description which matches the adjacent properties or parcels;

            (4)        Have a boundary referenced from a found Davis County section corner, and uses Davis County bearings and coordinates;

            (5)        Have a boundary close within approved limits;

            (6)        Have individual lots close with centerline and boundary information;

            (7)        Have centerline monuments shown at all intersections, PI (point of intersection), PT (point of tangency), PC (point of curvature);

            (8)        The final mylar is to be drawn on standard grade tracing linen or comparable acceptable sheet, with trim dimensions of nineteen inches (19") by thirty inches (30"), with heavy border lines and with margins of at least one-half inch (1/2") on all four (4) sides and complies with any other Davis County Recorder's office requirements;

            (9)        Be neat, clean-cut, and readable;

            (10)      Be drawn with the top of the plat facing either north or west, whichever accommodates the drawing better;

            (11)      Show the area of each lot;

            (12)      Show the buildable area for each lot for the main structure in residential zones;

            (13)      Show all existing easements;

            (14)      Show all new public utility easements (front, side, and rear lot line);

            (15)      Show the north arrow and scale;

            (16)      The final mylar is to be drawn with standard, waterproof black ink;

            (17)      Be certified and signed by a registered professional engineer or land surveyor;

            (18)      Have reserved thereon appropriate spaces for dedication, certification, approval, or recording as the case may be, for owners, City Engineer, Planning Commission, City Council, City Attorney, and County Recorder;

            (19)      Be dedicated and signed by each fee simple owner and his wife, if any, and acknowledged by a notary public;

            (20)      Show the widths, lengths, boundaries, bearings, dimensions, a curve data of centerline of proposed streets, alleys, and easements;

            (21)      Show clearly any lots, blocks, or land areas reserved for any reason within the subdivision;

            (22)      Follow the system approved by the Planning Commission for numbering lots and blocks;

            (23)      Show lot numbers and conform to phase numbering;

            (24)      Show a schedule for completion of improvements, with cost estimates by item;

            (25)      Show the finish elevation at all property corners shall be provided in all hillside locations;

            (26)      Provide a preliminary title report; and

            (27)      Provide a statement, sketch, and written approval referred to in Section 18.12.060 submitted as part of the preliminary plat shall be deemed to be part of the final plat also and need not be resubmitted.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-76, Amended, 11/19/1998
Ord. No. 07-25, Amended, 7/5/2007

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