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18.20.020. Erroneous approval not waiver of requirements

            (1)        Should a plat, by inadvertence, be approved which shows on its face, or in any documents attached thereto or which are deemed to be a part thereof, that the subdivision does not comply in one (1) or more respects with the requirements of this Title or with the requirements of approved subdivision standards and specifications relating the quality, size, type, grade, distance, or dimension, and no variation or exception thereto has been approved by the City Council, such plat approval shall not be deemed a waiver of such requirements, but on the contrary such requirements shall remain in full force and effect.  Any discrepancy between the preliminary plat, as approved, and the final plat which may not be noticed in inspection of the final plat and which is not approved by the City Engineer and Planning Commission shall be the responsibility of the subdivider, and approval of the final plat in such case shall not be deemed a waiver of the requirements of this Title or any standards or specifications approved in connection herewith.

            (2)        The failure of any preliminary or final plat to meet any and all of the requirements enumerated in this Code or as imposed by the City Council, shall, as provided herein, cause any approval by the Planning Commission and/or City Council to be suspended.  Such a suspension shall be issued by the Community and Economic Development Director immediately upon discovery of an applicable error or omission.  The matter shall then be referred to the Planning Commission as soon as is practicable, unless otherwise correctable within thirty (30) days from the date of suspension.  The Planning Commission shall review the matter and either issue a correcting requirement or refer it to the appropriate body for action.  If it is to be addressed by the City Council, the Planning Commission shall also forward a recommendation to the Council.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-20, Amended, 3/19/1998

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