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18.24.020. Widths

            Where an arterial, minor arterial, or collector street is shown on the Master Street Plan of Layton City, all development that traverses or abuts those corridors shall accommodate the construction thereof.  The width of those streets shall be incorporated into the plans of any development as shown on the Master Street Plan.  The width of any street not shown on the Master Street Plan shall be constructed as required by the City Council after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission.  The minimum width of proposed streets measured from lot line to lot line shall be:

            (1)        Arterial Street; one hundred feet (100')

            (2)        Minor Arterial Street; eighty-four feet (84')

            (3)        Collector Street; sixty-six feet (66')

            (4)        Minor Collector Street; sixty feet (60')

            (5)        Residential Collector Street; sixty-two feet (62').  This street classification shall be considered to be the typical through street for any type of residential development.

            (6)        Residential Street; fifty-eight feet (58').  This street classification shall be considered to be interior streets within a subdivision.

            (7)        Minor Street; fifty feet (50').  This street classification shall be used only on loop streets serving ten (10) or fewer interior lots or for cul-de-sacs; and sensitive land development areas.

            (8)        Hillside Residential Street; thirty-nine feet (39') with six foot (6') abutting sidewalk only allowed in hillside development areas.

            (9)        Private Drive; twenty-eight feet (28') asphalt, thirty-three feet (33') from top back of curb to top back of curb.  The overall right-of-way shall be approved by the City's Engineering Department.

            (10)      Split Roadway (Sensitive Land Development Area); twenty-three feet (23') in each direction.

            The minimum asphalt width of proposed streets shall be:

            (1)        Arterial Street; seventy-six feet (76')

            (2)        Minor Arterial Street; sixty feet (60')

            (3)        Collector Street; forty-two feet (42')

            (4)        Minor Collector Street; thirty-six feet (36')

            (5)        Residential Collector Street; thirty-two feet (32')

            (6)        Residential Street; twenty-eight feet (28')

            (7)        Minor Street; twenty-eight feet (28')

            (8)        Hillside Street; twenty-eight feet (28')

            (9)        Private Street; twenty-eight feet (28')

            (10)      Split Roadway; eighteen feet (18') in each direction.  No on street parking is allowed.

            The asphalt on all public streets except frontage roads shall be bordered on both sides by two and one-half foot (2 ½') wide high back curb.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 968, Amended, 10/15/1992
Ord. No. 09-09, Amended, 7/16/2009

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