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18.36. Improvements

18.36.010. Definitions
18.36.020. Plan to be filed
18.36.030. Site plan
18.36.040. Conditions for permit or license for building or improvements and the establishment of a bond for off-site improvements
18.36.041. Performance bond; Subdivider
18.36.050. Violation deemed misdemeanor
18.36.060. Postponement agreement
18.36.065. Conditions for issuing postponement agreements
18.36.070. Off-site
18.36.080. Time of installation
18.36.090. Irrigation and sub-surface water
18.36.095. Surface drainage; Requirements
18.36.100. Underground utilities
18.36.110. Subdivision construction permit
18.36.120. Plan approval required
18.36.130. Planning Commission agreement with subdivider
18.36.132. Subdivision guarantee
18.36.133. Extension of agreements
18.36.135. Building and occupancy permits
18.36.138. Building permits for structures in a subdivision
18.36.140. Storm sewer; Required
18.36.145. Payback agreements for improvements
18.36.150. Storm sewers; Standards and timing
18.36.160. Storm drainage fees
18.36.170. Storm sewer reserve account
18.36.180. Installation of development fencing
18.36.190. Installation of street lighting

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