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18.36.065. Conditions for issuing postponement agreements

            The City Council may issue postponement agreements after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission.  The City may enter into postponement agreements as follows:

            (1)        Where it is determined by the City Council, after recommendation from the Planning Commission, that the placement of any isolated sidewalk would constitute a threat to public safety, such as the proximity to open ditches, canals, or similar hazards.

            (2)        Postponement agreements for curb, gutter, and/or sidewalk may be granted where the improvements from a utility company, irrigation company, or similar service provider prohibit the installation of the curb, gutter, or sidewalk.

            (3)        Postponement agreements for curb, gutter, and sidewalk may be granted on frontage roads serving I-15 and US 89 where additional future road improvements are contemplated.  Curb, gutter, and sidewalk may be permanently waived on the side of a frontage road contiguous with I-15 or US 89.

            (4)        Postponement agreements may be granted to any parcel that is traversed by a street that has not been constructed but is shown on the Master Street Plan and/or is included in the Capital Improvements Program.

            (5)        Postponement agreements shall not be issued under the following circumstances:

                        (a)        For any required service lateral to a subdivided parcel or property to be otherwise developed.  Service laterals include, but are not limited to sewer, water, drainage, secondary water, etc.

                        (b)        For any commercial or industrial developments.

            The construction of all required improvements shall be guaranteed by placing cash in the Layton City Surety Account or in escrow with an approved institution as outlined in Title 18, in an amount equal to the cost of the improvements.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 02-44, Amended, 6/20/2002
Ord. No. 965, Enacted, 10/1/1992
Ord. No. 1015, Amended, 2/3/1994
Ord. No. 96-65, Amended, 10/3/1996

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