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18.36.070. Off-site

            The subdivider shall construct and install the following improvements, in accordance with City standards and specifications:

            (1)        Street grading and surfacing;

            (2)        Sidewalks and, where required, walkways;

            (3)        Curbs and gutters;

            (4)        Sanitary sewers, including laterals to each lot line;

            (5)        Street drainage structures;

            (6)        Foundation drainage system, where required;

            (7)        Water lines, including laterals and meters to each lot line;

            (8)        Fire hydrants;

            (9)        Storm sewers;

            (10)      Secondary water lines, including laterals to each lot line;

                        (a)        This requirement shall apply to those properties east of the Main Street, SR-126 right-of-way, to which secondary water is appurtenant, based on topography, existing development, and the location of existing transmission lines.

                        (b)        This requirement shall apply to all properties west of the Main Street, SR-126 right-of-way.

                        (c)        Exception.  The City Council, upon a recommendation by the Planning Commission, may waive this requirement only upon a showing that it is not foreseeable that the subject area will have secondary water available at any time in the future.  The Planning Commission's recommendation shall be based on information from the City Engineer, respective suppliers of secondary water, and the applicant.

            (11)      Underground utilities;

            (12)      Street lighting; and

            (13)      All other improvements deemed necessary by the City.

            These requirements shall apply to all property within the subdivision and to property from which the subdivision was divided, regardless of the existence of structures or dwellings.

            The City shall be responsible for the seal coat of the public roadways.  A deposit shall be made with the City by the subdivider as approved by the City Engineer.  The City may from time to time require that tests be taken by an independent laboratory to determine the quality and safety of off-site improvements.  Such testing shall be done at the subdivider's expense.  The City may also require that the subdivider's land surveyor or engineer provide written verification that surface improvements were installed as per the approved plans.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 98-20, Amended, 3/19/1998
Ord. No. 11-02, Amended, 2/17/2011

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