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18.48.010. Generally

            A preliminary plan shall be required for all subdivisions, but under the conditions listed below approval of the preliminary plan by the Planning Commission and by the City Council shall be authorization for the subdivider to sell lots within the subdivision covered by the preliminary plan by metes and bounds, and the requirements of a final plan shall provide such improvements on existing streets within the subdivision as shall be required by Chapter 18.36.  Final plans shall not be required where all of the following conditions exist:

            (1)        The subdivision consists of not more than three (3) lots;

            (2)        The subdivision does not require the dedication of any land for street or other public purposes;

            (3)        The subdivision is not traversed by the mapped lines of a proposed street or a street to be widened as shown on the "Master Street Plan;" and

            (4)        Each of the lots in the subdivision meets the frontage, width, and area requirements of Title 19, or has been granted a variance from such requirements by the Board of Adjustment.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997

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