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18.50.030. Culinary water improvements

            Materials shall conform to the standards established for a public culinary water system.  The current City technical standards shall govern concerning the installation, testing, disinfection, and flushing.  Fire hydrants shall be as specified in the City's technical standards.  Connections to the City's water system shall be made by the developer as approved by the City Engineer.  The transition to the private water system will be made at the property line.  An isolation valve shall be installed at that point.  A water metering system shall be installed as directed by the construction staff for planned residential unit developments (PRUD), private subdivisions, condominiums, or any other form of private development.  The City specifically retains the right to terminate water service in the entire private/development for non-payment by the private development if a master meter is required for the development.  The size of the master meter will be determined by the City Engineer and shall be sized such so as not to impede the required fire flow.  Where a master meter is used, the water impact fee charged to the development shall discount the fire flow, and shall be based upon the estimated domestic consumption of water as determined by the construction staff.  The water impact fee may be charged as part of the development fees or at the time of building permit application.  Private subdivisions/developments which have separate units on separate lots and having separate water connections may install individual water meters, or a combination of individual meters with a master meter may be required as directed by the construction staff.  Easements shall be provided to allow the City access to any water meters for the purpose of installation and reading.

            The developer or subsequent homeowner's association will be responsible for the maintenance of all facilities within the property lines of the development and those facilities off the property as designed by the City Engineer and which directly, either in part or wholly, service the private subdivision/development.  Except where individual water meters are placed and are to be read by the City, the City will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the meter only.

            When determined to be necessary by the City Engineer, public water lines may be required to be constructed within a private subdivision/development.  An easement of proper width as determined by the City Engineer shall be deeded to the City for public water lines, integrated with the private subdivision/development lines running through private property.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 00-56, Amended, 1/4/2001
Ord. No. 1020, Amended, 5/5/1994

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