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18.50.050. Storm drain improvements

            The accepted standard for the materials within a private subdivision/development shall be concrete pipe.  All pipe extensions through public rights-of-way and/or pubic easements shall be concrete pipe.  Easements for public storm drains on private property shall be of a width designated by the City Engineer.  The construction and placement of cleanouts, inlets, and combination boxes shall conform to the City technical standards.  The developer's engineer will be required to submit drainage calculations and plans indicating how the subdivision/development will meet retention and/or detention and piping as required by the City Engineer.  All storm runoff will be collected in an approved system.

            The developer or subsequent homeowner's association will be responsible for the maintenance of all facilities within the property lines of the development and those facilities off the property as designated by the City Engineer and which, either in part of wholly, service the private subdivision.

            When determined to be necessary by the City Engineer, public storm drains may be required to be constructed within private developments.  An easement of proper width as determined by the City Engineer shall be deeded to the City for public storm drains, integrated with the private subdivision/development system, running through private property.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 1020, Amended, 5/5/1994

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