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19.01. General Provisions

19.01.010. Short title
19.01.020. Application
19.01.030. Scope
19.01.040. Purpose
19.01.050. Effect on governmental entities
19.01.060. Effect of other regulations
19.01.070. Effect of private covenants and agreements
19.01.080. Classification of annexed territory
19.01.090. Establishment of zoning districts
19.01.100. Requirements declared minimums
19.01.110. Property use regulations
19.01.120. Effect on previous ordinances and maps
19.01.130. Licensing
19.01.140. Administrative determination for uses not listed as conditional or permitted uses
19.01.150. Administrative reviews, certificates, and permits
19.01.160. Fees
19.01.170. Expiration of building permits
19.01.180. Cancellation of permits, certificates, and approvals
19.01.190. Development to be in accordance with terms of certificate
19.01.200. Hearings
19.01.210. Permits and licenses to this Title
19.01.220. Mandatory reviews
19.01.225. Development agreements.
19.01.230. Legal remedies for violation
19.01.240. Development guidelines and design standards

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