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19.21.010. Definitions

            Thefollowing words or phrases, when used in this Chapter, shall have the meaningas given herein.  Words not definedherein shall have their usual and common meaning.

            (1)        "Kiosk"– An unmanned freestanding structure, with a footprint no larger than fifty(50) square feet, where retail items are sold, rented, distributed, orcollected and/or a freestanding structure where temporary information, posters,notices, and announcements are posted.

            (2)        "Mobilefood court" – Where a clustering of three (3) or more mobile foodvendors and or street vendors congregate to serve food or beverages to thepublic located within three hundred feet (300') of each other, shall beconsidered a mobile food court.  At leastone vender must be a mobile vehicle or trailer to be considered a mobile foodcourt.

            (3)        "Mobilefood trailer" – A vendor that serves food or beverages from anon-motorized trailer on wheels that is normally pulled behind a motorizedvehicle and is readily moveable without disassembling for transport to anotherlocation.

            (4)        "Mobilefood vehicle" – A vendor that serves food or beverages from a self-containedunit that is a motorized vehicle on wheels, and is readily moveable fortransport to another location without disassembling.

            (5)        "Mobilefood vendor" – A vendor that serves food or beverages from aself-contained unit either motorized or in a trailer on wheels and is readilymovable.  A mobile food vendor shallsolely include mobile food trailer(s) and mobile food vehicle(s) as definedwithin this Section.

            (6)        "Street vendor" – An attended portable structure thatserves only walk-up customers and is intended for the selling of prepared food,non alcoholic drinks, balloons, cut flowers, caps, t-shirts, souvenirs,handmade crafts, or locally grown produce.

                        (a)        "Cart"– a non-motorized mobile structure where business and customer operations takeplace adjacent to but outside of the structure.

            (7)        "Tentvendor" – A freestanding tent or canopy open on at least one (1) sideand used for the retail sale of goods and services.

            (8)        "Snowshack" – A freestanding rigid structure with (1) or more open sidesfrom which cold summer treats are sold.

            (9)        "Singleevent" – An event lasting no more than seven (7) consecutive days inwhich up to fifty (50) retailers sell and advertise goods, wares, ormerchandise on one (1) or more contiguous lots.

            (10)      "Seasonaloutdoor vendor" – Any temporary retailer selling seasonal productsoutdoors which are related to a specific holiday, for no more than forty-five(45) consecutive days per calendar year.

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Ord. No. 98-16, Amended, 2/19/1998
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Ord. No. 12-02, Enacted, 1/5/2012
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Ord. No. 14-15, Amended, 7/17/2014
Ord. No. 16-06, Amended, 2/18/2016

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