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19.06.080. Farm animals

            (1)        Except as otherwise provided herein, farm animals shall only be allowed in the A (agricultural) and R-S (residential suburban) zones.  The number and type of animals and fowl allowed in these zones shall be limited as follows:

            Not more than one (1) cow or horse and two (2) sheep or goats and 25 pheasants or chickens or, rabbits, or pigeons; and ten (10) geese or ducks, for every 20,000 square feet of lot area.  Animals and fowl not specifically listed may be substituted for those listed of similar size.  Combinations of animals and fowl are also allowed within the numbers listed for each category.  An increase in this density is allowed only by a conditional use permit for a farm industry as set forth in this Title.

            (2)        Residential Chickens. The purpose of this section is to provide regulations for the keeping of chickens in residential zones.  For the purpose of this subsection, the term "chicken" refers only to the female, or hen, of the species.  Chickens in residential zones may be kept in a way which will ensure the continued health and welfare of Layton residents and maintaining the residential character of Layton City neighborhoods while permitting a more sustainable way of living.  Any resident with the intent of keeping chickens within a residential neighborhood on lots with a minimum of ten thousand (10,000) square feet shall comply with the following provisions:

                        (a)        Chickens in residential subdivisions shall be allowed in the R-1-6, R-1-8, R-1-10, and RS zones. All other fowl associated with being kept outdoors are prohibited in R-1-6, R-1-8, and R-1-10 zones. In Residential Suburban (R-S) and Agriculture (A) zones additional chickens are allowed as outlined in section 19.06.080 of this code.

                        (b)        Lots in residential subdivisions shall have no more than six (6) hens on a property with a minimum overall lot area of ten thousand (10,000) square feet.

                        (c)        A city permit is required for all chicken coops together with a $30.00 annual permit fee.  The permit application shall include a plot plan based on the following guidelines:

                                    (i)         The coop, pen, cage, or similar structure shall be restricted to the rear or backyard of a residential use, and shall be located not less than five feet (5’) from any property line. 

                                    (ii)        No coop, pen, cage or similar structure shall exceed one-hundred twenty (120) square feet (includes coop space and chicken run) and shall be no taller than seven (7) feet at the highest point of the roof. 

                                    (iii)       All animals must be kept in an area enclosed by a fence sufficient to prohibit escape; this is in addition to the coop, pen, cage, or other similar structure.

                        (d)        All pens, coops, and cages shall be kept clean and free from objectionable odor and waste.  Waste and debris must be kept from becoming offensive or a health hazard.

                        (e)        Roosters are not permitted in R-1-6, R-1-8, R-1-10 and R-S zones.

                        (f)        No slaughter is allowed.

                        (g)        A permit may be revoked upon the conviction of the permit holder of a violation of this section.

Ord. No.97-35, Recodified, 6/19/1997
Ord. No. 10-02, Amended, 2/18/2010
Ord. No. 12-26, Amended, 9/20/2012
Ord. No. 97-19, Enacted, 4/17/1997
Ord. No. 04-69, Recodified, 12/16/2004

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